If you are looking for: ecovillages looking for people, ecovillages looking for people, perhaps you are passionate about this project and are encouraged to experience how you feel in the Spiral Ecovillage.


The ecovillage has started to function with the incorporation of the first family, which is the family that promotes the project. We are currently receiving people who with the wind bring the desire to gradually join a new era in this ecovillage.

Also, we are receiving visitors who want to start the integration process, people who, after having previously visited us as an Integration Visit, now want to join the ecovillage. At this moment, in total, living in the ecovillage permanently we are 3 living beings + the people who visit us, who come throughout all the months of the year to help the ecovillage.


Yes. From now on, a relationship process between the two parties (ecovillage and new people) begins, through the INTEGRATION VISIT to the ecovillage, where we get to know each other, interact, share, experience the spaces and the presence, we We recognize, we are giving ourselves answers to all the doubts and fears that exist and that will arise, we will prepare ourselves, train and harmonize with the project, etc. It is the previous process in which people visit us as a Water Visit or already start the integration as an Integration Visit. The result of this process of integration into the ecovillage is that from a moment onwards new people are integrated, who with the ecovillage will have said «I see you», and these may begin to integrate, definitively, into life. of the ecovillage as Semillas de la ecovillage (people from the ecovillage with full rights and participating in all the decisions of the Ecovillage assembly). Therefore, the Integration Process to the ecovillage would be: 0) 3 months prior to the Integration Visit 1) 5 months of rain from the ecovillage 2) 12 months of Earth from the ecovillage 3) 14 months of Flower from the ecovillage: 4) You become a Seed of the ecovillage: a full member of the ecovillage assembly and with equal rights and obligations in relation to the rest of the Seed people of the ecovillage. This provisional period of integration into the ecovillage and life in the community lasts in total: 5 months + 12 months + 14 months: 31 months, at the end of which, if both parties agree, the incorporation becomes final and the person transforms into Ecovillage Seed.

Before starting the integration process to the ecovillage, you have made three months of Integration Visit and at the end of these three months, on your second visit, after reflecting on the subject, you ask to start the Integration Process to the ecovillage. After the 3 months of Integration Visit, you return home or walk around Portugal, or any other option you choose to meditate and reflect, especially on whether you want to live in the ecovillage giving life to a new world following the principles of coexistence of the ecovillage and thus be clear if you want to make the decision to start the Integration Process to live in community in the Espiral Ecovillage. We think that reflection should be focused on: «really, we want, in theory and in practice, to walk towards a life in the Spiral Ecovillage, following the values and principles that inspire the project of this ecovillage and the agreements it is taking the assembly?», IMPORTANT: Since to start the integration you have to come 3 months in a row for the Integration Visit and the Integration Visits end on November 1, so, actually, the last day to start the Integration Visit, facing to the integration to the ecovillage, is the 1st of August.

Or what would be the same: first 5 months of RAIN to live the day of the ecovillage and life in community,, in the following 12 months the EARTH base of the ecovillage, to harmonize with life and nature that welcomes us , with which we could FLOWER for 14 months, to finally transform into a SEED and thus continue flowing with the project and expanding our energy inside and outside of our being.

The people who join the ecovillage live in it.

IMPORTANT: CONDITIONS TO START THE INTEGRATION PROCESS: 1) harmonize with the Ecovillage Espiral project (read carefully all the pages of this website and reflect if it is in Ecovillage Espiral where you want to live, FEELING, VIBRATING AND HARMONIZING IN DAILY PRACTICE WITH THE SPIRAL PROJECT Before making the final decision, we advise you to visit more ecovillages that are also looking for people to join), in order to make the decision consciously, not because of the beauty of the place, not because of the energy of the place, not because of the peace of the place, not for the love of the day, but also, if not for agreeing with the contents and practices of this project 2) as to be without debts or that they are clearly compensated by fixed and stable income (debts give us make slaves of money). 3) have the money to complete your integration process, especially from the previous 3 months of the Integration Visit, since we are not yet self-sufficient and to make your intimate space by becoming a full member (seed) 4) have made a first Integration visit of at least three consecutive months in the same year. 5) have completed the period of reflection physically outside the ecovillage, for at least 21 days in a row 6) you must have been at the talk about the process of integration into the Ecovillage 7) you must be in a position to be able to carry out community activity in a normal way.

Therefore, you can start the integration process at any time of the year. Take a good look at what the web says about the integration process, but our advice, do not decide anything definitive until you make your first visit to us, because also in the talk about integration we will give you updated information and we will answer all your questions. In addition, our experience tells us that many people get an idea of the ecovillage and the way of life, which later, when they are here, it is not easy for them to carry out. Summing up, we would tell you, do not consider many things, simply make your first Water Visit at least in a month and see how you feel and then at home, calmly and consciously, you begin to seriously consider the issue… . or not and if you decide to start the integration, then you already come to the ecovillage starting your Integration Visit between March 1 and August 1.


YES, when they feel so, for whatever reason, the people who are living in the ecovillage, going through the integration process or not, ARE FREE, AT ALL TIMES, to decide to leave that process and flow again with the wind towards other places or other projects or ecovillages where the universe takes them. All of us must and can continue on our path, where our hearts lead us.

4-1) IN THE INTEGRATION PROCESS: people can live for free in wooden houses that are not already occupied. While you do not finish the integration process, you can occupy, free of charge, if there are free ones, a wooden house, if you decide so, you can also buy a temporary house, easy to assemble and disassemble, which you can always take with you if you leave or sell in the ecovillage.

4-2) WHEN THE PERSON ARRIVES AT SEED AND IS A PERSON WITH FULL RIGHTS: The current constructions are for community spaces, therefore people live in newly manufactured individual spaces. Each person or family would be in an individual space, not shared. Naturally, bioclimatic spaces that would be small (basically for sleeping and a small kitchen), if later, in the future, you decide to leave the ecovillage, naturally you can take the construction you made or sell it on the internet and have someone come looking for it. , since many things are in community spaces. Initially, or not, provisional spaces such as wooden houses, yurts, teepees, super adobe, domes, geodesic domes or similar dwellings can be used. You become your individual intimate space by being the seed of the ecovillage. Intimate spaces do not need to be the same or made by the same system, but they do need to be more or less small and respectful of the environment, taking bioconstruction and feng-shui into account. These intimate spaces would already start with electricity, alternative heating and water systems. Therefore we are thinking of a cozy little house that radiates good energy and is as economical as possible. The economic expenses of the construction of the final house are borne by the person who joins the ecovillage, if one day you leave you can take everything or sell it.

(UNITED BY A COMMON FEELING AND LIVING: help make this world a little better, advance in self-transformation in consciousness and help other people in this same evolution. And, always, always enjoying the journey, contributing our grain of sand and feeling that we move, more and more, in harmony with nature.)

In principle it is designed around 21 people. In principle, in this initial phase, the goal is to reach 12 seed people living in the Ecovillage. The ecovillage land is very very large and can accommodate many, many people, therefore the long-term goal would be to reach 49 people.

In the ecovillage people can join in all situations. The important thing is that they harmonize with all the pillars and agreements of the assembly. You can find all the information about it on the web, but by mail you can ask us anything you want:

We are from Barcelona: Xenia, 63 years old, with studies in biology and psychology and training in different fields of health and therapies. Atzar, a 64-year-old spiritual anarchist, I am the person who is in contact with all the people interested in the ecovillage, graduate studies in social and psychology, with training in different fields related to the project. Aran is 18 years old, he has gone to the public school El Martinet for active pedagogy, in Barcelona and logically he is delighted to receive visits or integrations of young people. Two cats also live with us: Lluna and Nit and two dogs called Sol and Fluc.

At this time these lands have been purchased by the promoting family. That is, the family has advanced the money to the ecovillage. These lands in the future, we would like as soon as possible, have to form an integral and legal part of the ecovillage. These lands would become part of the ecovillage at the time that enough people have joined the ecovillage to be able to acquire it. The final purchase of the land by the ecovillage would be done when, when the time came, the assembly decided by consensus, with all the people being in agreement and having all the people and/or the Ecovillage’s own economy have the economic capacity to that the Spiral Ecovillage can buy all the land where the ecovillage now sits. The lands and houses would never be owned by individuals, if not by an association or other similar legal figure that the assembly will decide at the time. In this way, in the ecovillage there will be no private property, if not communal.

On another page, he explains the characteristics of the land of the Spiral Ecovillage.

It is important that as it is a self-sufficiency project, it is good that the person who joins it permanently does not have a monthly economic expense derived from a debt with the ecovillage or with the outside of the ecovillage.
Throughout the entire process of integration into the Ecovillage or after it has finished, people do not have to make any economic contribution while they are completing the integration process or when they become full members of the Espiral Ecovillage at the end of the process, except , maintenance, especially in the 3 months prior to the INTEGRATION visit and at the end of the integration process to build their little house. IN SUMMARY, IMPORTANT INFORMATION TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT TO START THE INTEGRATION TO THE SPIRAL ECOVILLAGE:
The Integration Visit works the same in the three months as the Water Visit, except that in the second and third months sleeping is free in the ecovillage spaces, except the wooden houses.
From the first day you start the integration, throughout the integration process and at the end of it, becoming a Seed of the Ecovillage (a person with full rights), you do not contribute anything financially, since everything is included (midday lunch, dinner and space sleeping) except what you spend on breakfast, because at the moment the ecovillage cannot assume this expense. And you have to take into account that at the end of the integration process and become a seed of the Ecovillage, you have to build your final intimate space (little house), for which the expenses are your responsibility, because at the moment the ecovillage cannot bear those expenses.

In addition, also, from the first day you start the integration process you have the following advantages: 1) the fruit from the ecovillage fruit trees is distributed to you, free of charge and equally 2) you have the products from the ecovillage store (for breakfast, clothes, etc) at cost price. 3) in your individual intimate space you can consume all the food you want from ovo-dairy vegetarian included (the community lunch at noon and dinner is vegan and BIO) 4) you take part, depending on the nights you are present in the ecovillage, for the same, of the monthly economic redistribution, of the economic benefits generated by the ecovillage of the Visit of Light and sleeping (the Visit of Water does not generate economy) in each month. 5) In the ecovillage we do not consume alcohol, tobacco, drugs (marijuana, etc), television, wiffi and 5G. In the nearby town, which is a 21-minute walk (included) or further away, you can consume whatever you want, without any type of restriction. 6) You can have internet in your individual intimate space, for the use of mobile, computer or any other device, without Wi-Fi or 5G. 7) You have free entry and exit from the ecovillage whenever you want throughout the year and for as long as you want. 8) The Integration Visits last a minimum of 3 months in a row and in the second and third month the sleeping ones are free. Wooden houses are excluded. 9) In the individual intimate space, you can consume any food or drink, as long as it is at least ovo-dairy vegetarian. It is excluded: tobacco, alcohol, drugs (marijuana, etc.), television, wiffi and 5G. 10 ) You carry out 3h30m of community activity, in the morning and from Monday to Friday, or on different days and times when the type of activity requires it. 11) The community activity to be carried out to occupy the 3h30m, will be the one that each person decides freely, among the community tasks that the ecovillage needs to be done, including cooking, and that are not already distributed. Those activities that are necessary for the proper functioning of the ecovillage and that no one wants to do, will be done on a rotating basis throughout the community, taking into account the skills and experience of each person. It is understood that they are those that are necessary for the survival of the ecovillage: a) economic survival (visits, store, commercialization of products, sleeping and care of spaces), b) food survival (orchard, fruit trees, harvesting, packaging, frozen and food drying) c) energy survival (firewood, maintenance, electricity, water, heating, etc). 12) Within the ecovillage, all the direct economy that is generated will be a community economy. If someone does an economic activity with the people who are in or visit the ecovillage, such as therapies, massages, healing, etc., the economy resulting from these activities will be a collective economy, and the time dedicated counts as a community activity + the activity preparation time ( therapy, retreats, etc.). 13) The economy generated by the ecovillage will be redistributed, 50% for the infrastructures and others of the ecovillage and the other 50% will be redistributed equally and equitably according to the nights spent in the ecovillage in that month among all the people in the ecovillage. ecovillage that are integrated or undergoing the integration process. 14) If a person, in general or punctually (a specific month or a few days whatever), wishes to be excluded from doing the community activity, they will contribute a monthly donation of 200 euros (or the equivalent per day) to the community economy and during that time the person can continue to participate in all the rights and obligations of the ecovillage, except for the community activity, with all the advantages that all the people who are in integration have: food, sleep, etc., except the ‘distribution’ economic of those days or month that does not participate in the community activity and will follow all the agreements and ways of working of the ecovillage, except the performance of the community activity. 15) People are free to attend or not any heart activity that is organized (walks, movies and documentaries, workshops, retreats, yoga classes, meditation, etc. Participation in these activities is free. There may also be activities that They are not from the heart, in these cases participation or not is free, but it is not free if it is an external activity and if it is an internal activity, efforts will be made to make it free for integration or integrated people. 16) In the two meals community, except fruit and vegetables, everything we consume is vegan and BIO. All people can bring to the two community meals any personal product for individual use or not, as long as it is

vegan and BIO. 17) The community meal is made following the food compatibility table, but the food incompatibility option can be cooked separately. For example, I cook lentils and I can also make rice on the side. Thus, the people who cook can freely decide so that each person can freely follow the compatibility or not of food. 18) People who wish may cook individual food for lunch and dinner, consuming community kitchen products if they wish. The individual meals that each person consumes that are not BIO or that are ovo-dairy vegetarian but are not vegan, are consumed in the individual intimate spaces of the people who are in integration or integrated. 19) After the Integration Visit and the 21 days of reflection outside the ecovillage, the person can now begin the process of integration into the ecovillage. The integration process consists of 5 months of rain, 12 months of land and 14 months of flower. Then it becomes a Seed of the ecovillage (person with full rights at all levels). 20) All the people who are in the ecovillage, including the Water, Light or Integration Visits can freely participate in the DAY ASSEMBLY DAY with decision-making capacity. This assembly deals with the issues of the general functioning of the day, it is carried out whenever there is an important issue to be discussed, the agreements are reached by consensus and it does not deal with issues that affect the pillars or the agreements of the assembly, since these topics are dealt with in the ASSEMBLY OF THE ECOVILLAGE. 21) The Ecovillage Assembly is made up of the seed people and the people who are doing the integration process can be in the assembly, being able to debate and make proposals. 22) When the people who are in the integration process become Ecovillage Seed, they are already part of all the decisions, under equal conditions. 23) All the decisions of the different assemblies and circles are made by consensus. 24) To cook, the people who offer to cook will be requested every day, among all the people who are in the ecovillage. The people who voluntarily want to go out to cook that day are always at least two; 2 people cooking up to 12 and from 13 to 21 people in the ecovillage, 3 people cooking, and it can be 4 people depending on the total number of people who are in the ecovillage at any given time. If there are no people volunteering to cook that day, then it would be done by rounding up all the people in the ecovillage. 25) Mobile phones, computers and other devices, within the ecovillage, are always in the intimate space except to go charging and to be used punctually in organized activities. In these activities we do not use internet or wifi. Wiffi we use only in the nearby village or beyond. A 21-minute walk away is the town bar with wiffi. In the ecovillage there is the Puerta del Amor, a point from which we can make all the calls we want, always using the old system, that is, without internet. We do not use the mobile as a flashlight or to take photos or video recordings, but we can use a photographic or video camera. People integrated or in integration can have internet in our individual intimate space, by the pen system or similar without Wi-Fi or 5G. 26) The wooden houses have electricity and in the cold season, as they are not equipped for a wood stove and as long as we do not adapt the issue with another solution, we put electric oil stoves in order not to contaminate the internal space. 27) ) The

people who are in integration or integrated, have 12 nights a year to, if they wish, bring close people (family or friends) to the ecovillage, with a minimum of 1 day to visit and they can be as if they were a visit from Luz but paying as a water visit. 28) Breakfast or snack or any other meal, in your personal intimate space, can be, if you wish, at least ovo-dairy vegetarian. THIS APPROACH IS ONLY FOR INTEGRATION VISITS FROM THE SECOND MONTH AND FOR PEOPLE INTEGRATED OR WHO THEY ARE IN INTEGRATION AND ALWAYS IN THE INDIVIDUAL INTIMATE SPACE (EXCLUDING BUNKS), THEREFORE IT WOULD NOT AFFECT THE WATER OR ELECTRICITY VISITS.


1) Having COME to visit the ecoldea 3 months in a row of Integration Visit in the same year.

2) Participate in the Community Activity of the ecovillage (orchard, firewood, fruit trees, cleaning, order and maintenance of communal spaces, creation of new magical spaces, construction of new house spaces, offer if you have the right skills, training activities in the different fields of the pillars of the ecovillage: spirituality (yoga, meditation, chicun, retreats, etc.), Self-sufficiency (food, energy, economic, housing, etc.), respect for children (child health, alternative education, etc.), community (group facilitation, degrowth, simplicity, gender issues and social issues, community life, etc.), alternative health (therapies, etc.), respectful eating (nutrition and health, vegan eating, vegan cooking, food compatibility, etc), ecology (about practices to take care of the planet)


5) Not having external debts with banks, mortgages, etc.

Naturally, at any time the person or the ecovillage can freely terminate the integration process.

IMPORTANT: When you visit us for the first time, if you are interested in knowing all the information that affects the integration process of the ecovillage, tell us, so that we can organize the talk that explains this topic in full.


At this time, the visit or integration of our dog and cat friends to the ecovillage is complete.


Make an Integration Visit for 3 months in a row between March 1 and November 1. This means that, in reality, to make your visit followed by 3 months of Water you can only start it between March 1 and August 1 (3 months before November 1). Well, after November 1 there are no more Water or Integration Visits until March 1 of the following year.
At the end of my 3-month Integration Visit or at the end of the extension, I then physically leave the ecovillage to REFLECT, outside the ecovillage, to think if I really want, in conscience, to start integrating into the Spiral Ecovillage. The reflection, outside the ecovillage, takes place for a minimum of 21 days, it is the PERIOD OF REFLECTION
After 14 days of reflection, you can send an email to the ecovillage to communicate your decision about starting integration or not. If you decide that if you start the integration, then the Ecovillage will send you a questionnaire to formalize this great event of starting the integration. You will answer the questionnaire and the ecovillage will send you your confirmation of the start of integration, accepting the date that you have proposed to start the integration to the ecovillage, which can be from 21 days of reflection and until March 1 of the following year. You decide the date within this period and always after 7 days after you have sent the questionnaire of your integration proposal to the ecovillage.
After March 1 of the following year, if for whatever reasons of yours, you have not started the integration to the ecovillage and after that date you change your mind and decide to start the integration, then you have to do the 3 consecutive months again. Integration Visit (everything starts again). Therefore, the deadline to start the integration, after the 21 days of the reflection period, is March 1 of the following year to which you made the 3 months of Integration Visit.
SUMMARY: You make 3 months of the Integration Visit + 21 days of reflection and from that moment until the following March 1, you can start the integration on the date that you have decided. The objective of these steps is to try to make your decision with the maximum awareness. VISIT US, FEEL, REFLECT AND DECIDE.


Once the first month of the Integration Visit is over, the people who come to the ecovillage to start the integration can have personal internet in your intimate space, as long as you are not in a collective space, it is not 5G, or Wi-Fi. In the nearby village bar there is wiffi.

(To be in the Espiral Ecovillage is to be living every day the adventure of rediscovering ourselves with the beauty and love that lives in us. It is to open new doors and travel, happy, new paths. It is to feel, on the day, that, being in happiness, you are flowing with THE GREAT ADVENTURE OF LIFE: AWAKENING. To visit us, send an email to the ecovillage:



Integration Visit: from March 1 to November 1.
Visit of Water: months of June, July, August and September
Visit of Light: months of June, July, August and September.

Visit of the Mimosas: from March 1 to November
Winter Visit in Peace First Part (November and December).
Christmas and/or New Year’s visit (from December 22 to January 9).
Winter Visit in Peace Second Part (January and February)
Volunteering: to start on March 1 and until October 30. It’s 8 months.
Group visits
external retreat visits


ATTENTION: THE YEAR 2023 IS A SPECIAL YEAR AND WE HAVE MADE MANY MODIFICATIONS FOR THIS YEAR. IT IS, IN PRINCIPLE, ONLY FOR THIS 2023 AND 2024 WE WILL SEE. LOOK CAREFULLY AT THE VISITS PART AND THE INTEGRATION PART IF THAT IS THE CASE. In visits, few but important things have been modified: 1) the number of months of visits per year has been reduced 2) the days of arrival 3) the minimum days of visits have been increased 4) the number of visits at the same time has been reduced 5 ) a new Integration Visit has been created, only for people who have already decided to join the ecovillage, 6) there is a discount depending on the time of the visit 7) something else related to the visit proposal and the visit confirmation . In integrations, many things have been modified, in order to encourage more integrations. READ THIS WEBSITE CAREFULLY AND SEND US ANY QUESTIONS TO THE ECOALDEA MAIL ( THANK YOU FOR YOUR PATIENCE AND SUPPORT. WE CARRY A NEW WORLD IN OUR HEARTS.

It is for those people who have already made the decision to integrate to live in the Espiral Ecovillage and want to start the integration process to stay and live in the Espiral Ecovillage in the year 2023.

TIME: there are 3 consecutive months to be carried out between the period that goes from March 1 to November 1. Look on the integration page, the whole process to start and finish the integration in the ecovillage, here it only refers to the Integration Visit, not to the process to start the integration.

CONDITIONS: the same as the Water Visit. On the integrations page it complements what it says here.


Read all the information on the web well.
Ask the ecovillage email any questions or questions you have. (
Send an email to the ecovillage, expressing your desire to join it, adding all the information that you consider relevant for you and for the ecovillage. (,
The ecovillage will reply to your email, sending you a questionnaire to formalize your proposal for an Integration Visit.
You return the questionnaire to us with everything filled out.
Then the ecovillage will send you a confirmation email of your Integration Visit.
And you will send us an email again confirming your Integration Visit. Then, at the end of the Integration Visit and, after the 21 days of reflection, if you and the ecovillage assembly agree, you can start integrating into the ecovillage,

ARRIVAL DAYS FOR WATER VISITS IN 2023 AND OTHER GENERAL ISSUES: Water Visits, this 2023, only take place in the following 4 months:
JUNE 2022: the first day of arrival of the Agua visitors is June 1 or 2.
JULY 2022: the first day of arrival of the Agua visits is July 3 or 4.
AUGUST 2022: the first day of arrival of the Agua visitors is August 1 or 2.
SEPTEMBER 2022: the first day of arrival of the Agua visits is September 4 or 5.


That the visits of the Water, can propose a visit of a minimum of 28 nights (counting all the types of visits of Light + water that ones).
IMPORTANT: during your Water visit, you do the same thing that we do ALL THE WATER VISITS OF THE ECOVILLAGE: 1) We donate 200 euros to the ecovillage (always in cash and contributing it the first day of your visit) for the first 28 nights visiting water. From 28 nights, the donation for each night is 6 euros and from 60 nights the donation for each night is 5 euros and from 90 nights the donation per night is 4 euros per night, from from 8 years inclusive, which includes lunch at noon and dinner EVERY DAY + transportation in 4×4 on the day of arrival and transportation in 4×4 on the day of departure, does not include sleeping. No donation will be made for boys and girls from 0 to 3 years of age, the donation for boys and girls from 4 to 7 years of age inclusive, would be half, and this contribution includes lunch and dinner. For these two meals, the food we cook, except for fresh products, almost all the rest of the products are 100% organic (CEREALS, PASTA AND VEGETABLES). Each person who visits us contributes, on the day they arrive, their cash donation, which corresponds to every day that the visit lasts. This donation therefore includes lunch and dinner for the people who visit us. Does not include breakfast or snack, which is free 2) The Water visits, those who live in the ecovillage (seed) and the Ecovillage Integration Visits, to help the project we carry out 3h30m of community activity, 5 days a week, mostly from Monday to Friday and in the morning, but depending on the type of community activity that we carry out, it can be at different times or days and ALL PEOPLE participate in the kitchen on a voluntary or rotating basis. These people meet at 9:30 in the morning from Monday to Friday, for the Circle of Thanks to the New Day: organize the community activity of the day, transfer various information to us and do the activity of thanks to the new day. The rest of the time, apart from the 3h30 that we will do on that day of community activity, is free. IN THE VALLEY WHERE THE SPIRAL VEGETARIAN ECOVILLAGE IS SITTING. There are many walks and beautiful landscapes to share and feel nature, the water, the light, the rocks, the stars, the trees, the sky, the light and the colors and sensations that accompany them and that we feel on these walks.)

The Water Visits are people who WANT TO VISIT US FOR MANY POSSIBLE REASONS: 1) to know and experience a life in an ecovillage 2) to be charged with energy and inner or physical healing 3) they want to consider a change in their lives 4) They simply come on vacation 5) rest from the rhythm of life in the city 6) want to join the Espiral Ecovillage, 7) harmonize with the project and come to help us grow together. etc.

The people of water FEEL AND VIBRATE WITH THE PROJECT. His desire is to be close, close and flow with the project, following the heartbeat of the ecovillage. THE DESIRE OF THE WATER PEOPLE IS TO HELP THEMSELVES AND HELP THE ECOVILLAGE AND FOR THIS, THEY VISIT US.

Thus, they visit us to collaborate in our daily tasks or in some punctual or seasonal activity. They help us to make the project come true.

The minimum time for the Water Visit is 28 nights and the maximum: you can talk. Although later, on the fly, if both parties agree, before the end of our visit, we can always request an extension of the visit.

The people of the Water:

1) They carry out 3.30 hours of community activity a day for 5 days and two days without community activity.

2) While you are visiting the ecovillage, out of respect for the project, on the days you are with us (within the ecovillage), YOU EXPERIENCE LIVING IN ACCORDANCE WITH THE PRINCIPLES OF THE ECOVILLAGE: no television, no alcohol, no tobacco , without drugs, and without machines.

The steps to carry out the Water Visit are the following:

1) Having calmly and carefully read the ecovillage project and all the information on the Web, any questions can be raised by mail. (

2) They send us a letter through the ecovillage mail, expressing their desire to make the water visit,

3) Then the ecovillage sends you the Water Visit questionnaire.

4) You send us that answered questionnaire without leaving anything with which you confirm your proposal to visit the ecovillage as a Water Visit and

5) The ecovillage responds confirming or not your Water Visit depending on whether or not there are places left for those dates.

6) If the ecovillage confirms your Water Visit, then you send us a confirmation email of your visit and

7) The ecovillage sends you the visit confirmation email with the information of the minors.


(During the day, the people, in the Ecovillage, are out for a walk discovering the corners and the magic of the ecovillage, bathing in the pools of the river of the ecovillage, participating in activities and workshops, reading an interesting book, meditating or meeting with our inner being, sharing with the magical beings in the Universe…. At other times, we are all united for a common purpose, to nourish ourselves with one of the best foods we have in the ecovillage…. Peace and Love. To visit us, send an email to the ecovillage: A hug)

Visits of Light can arrive from June 1 to September 30. The minimum visit time of Light in this 2023 is 12 nights

They are people or families who want to spend a few days in the ecovillage, to rest, recharge, learn about the project, or simply do not have 28 nights to visit us, etc. These visits also do not come to collaborate in community activities. The people of the Light come to help the project financially by making a donation of 220 euros, for the first 12 nights and person, from 8 years inclusive, which includes lunch at noon and dinner for the two 12 nights and the Pick up and drop off in 4X4 from the town near the ecovillage. Does not include sleeping or breakfast. For boys and girls from 0 to 3 years old, no donation would be made, the donation for boys and girls from 4 to 7 years old inclusive, would be half. From the first 12 nights, the donation for the following nights would be 18 euros per person and night, and for boys and girls from 4 to 7 years old it would be half (9 euros). Each person brings the fruit, the things for breakfast and snack (vegan and Bio) AND they can ALSO be bought in the Ecovillage store.

This visit the minimum time is 12 nights, and you can arrive any day of the month except Saturdays or Sundays and the time from 3:30 p.m. To make a visit of light you have to request it by filling in the questionnaire of 7 points of the Visit of Light, to the ecovillage email and the ecovillage sends you an email confirming your visit.

In your proposal to visit the Light you put:
The day and time of arrival and the day and time of departure from the ecovillage. Arrival time: it is always from 3:30 p.m. to 7:00 p.m. and from 8:30 p.m. to 9:30 p.m., at 7:00 p.m. is dinner. The departure time: it is agreed the day before with the person who takes (Xenia).
Tell us which system you choose to sleep: you have it at the bottom of this page.
Names and contacts of the people who visit us.
The reason why you want to visit the ecovillage.
Tell us which of these two options you choose on your first visit to the ecovillage: we’ll talk about arrival, we’ll talk about departure.
You arrive by car and we will pick you up with the 4×4 in the town near the ecovillage, it is a paved road without any problem.
You arrive at Cabeceiras de Basto by bus, plane or other means.


7. Where are you coming from? and in what means of transport?

The Visit of Light participates one day collaborating in the kitchen.

For this type of visit you do not have to do the community activity, but if someone is interested in collaborating one day in the community activity of the ecovillage, to learn in other activities, or for any other reason, once you are in the ecovillage, you can say it and we will be delighted.


4 and 5) WINTER VISIT IN PAZ FIRST PART AND WINTER VISIT IN PAZ SECOND PART (this winter 2022/2023 is already complete).

ASPECTS TO TAKE INTO ACCOUNT BEFORE REQUESTING YOUR WINTER VISIT IN PAZ The Winter Visit in Peace Second Part is all the same except that it refers only to the months of January and February.

1) Have visited the ecovillage for at least 16 days in the 3 years prior to the start of your winter visit.

2) Having read all the information on the ecovillage website carefully and calmly. Remember that our food in the ecovillage is vegan, without alcohol, without tobacco or mate, or drugs, without television. But you can consume all this in the nearby town that is a 21-minute walk away. You want to experience a life without any of that, but in connection with nature.
3) The Winter Visit in Peace First Part lasts 2 months. You have to be aware that you want to be there for 2 months, like the Water Visit for practical purposes in November and December and/or January and February. On March 1 the Winter Visit ends in peace. IMPORTANT: The Winter Visit in Peace, the minimum visit time is two months and you arrive on one of the first two days of those two periods, that is: you arrive on November 1 or 2 or January 1 or 2.
4) This visit has a donation equal to that of the Water Visit, but with a discount. Therefore, the donation is 555.55 euros, which includes, during the 2 months: transport to the ecovillage, sleeping in the Mimosas, which have a wood stove and also includes all lunches and dinner (does not include breakfast). This donation must be given in full for your confirmation of Winter Visit, before starting the visit. If for any reason you decide to leave your Winter Visit alone before the 2 months are up, then nothing is returned. Therefore you have to live this experience with a conscious decision. If you only request the Winter Visit in Peace First part or only the Second Part, that is, to visit us not the 4 months but the two months of November and December OR January and February, remember that if you have never visited the Ecovillage Spiral, you have to visit us before, at least 16 days, to request your Winter Visit in Peace First or Second Part.
5) You have to request your Winter Visit in Peace to the Ecovillage, through a questionnaire that you have later.
6) At the end of your Winter Visit in Peace Second Part, you can request a normal Water Visit and if the ecovillage assembly agrees you could continue in the ecovillage.
7) The Winter Visit in Peace has been promoted as a result of the requests of the people who visited us in 2020, to spend a winter away from all the general energy that has surrounded the cities since that year and to be able to be in harmony and At peace with you and with nature. Until now, in those months, the Ecovillage was in a period of internal development and did not accept visits. In this period, therefore, the ecovillage does not accept Water Visits or Light visits. To request the Winter Visit in Peace Part One, the Winter Visit in Peace Part Two or request any information about it, send an email to the ecovillage:

Thank you for your collaboration on the project. A hug Spiral Ecovillage


Send us an email to the ecovillage and we will send you the questionnaire for your Winters in Peace Visit proposal

6) CHRISTMAS AND/OR END OF THE YEAR VISIT (this year 2022-2023 is complete)


We open the Espiral Ecovillage, to spend Christmas and/or the end of the year in the Ecovillage.

You can come as a Visit of Light the nights you want with a minimum of 2 nights and a maximum of 18 nights between the dates of December 22 and January 9. In point 2 (VISIT OF LIGHT) you have the conditions of the visit of Light. With the only difference, that this visit to spend Christmas and/or the end of the year, the visit is previously confirmed with the payment of a donation of 44 euros, then in the Ecovillage this issue is regularized. There will be special Christmas and New Year’s Eve food, as well as activities and walks through this paradise. You can also come just to spend Christmas day or New Year’s Eve, in these cases there is a supplement of 12 euros.


There are 3 PEOPLE FOR VOLUNTEERING IN THE SPIRAL ECOVILLAGE. Also remember that we accept visits from 12 nights as a Light Visit or from 28 nights as a Water Visit. We also accept integrations to the ecovillage
We offer 2 volunteer positions to start on March 1 and until October 30. There are 8 months in total, helping the Ecovillage Espiral in the normal activities of the day (orchard, irrigation, fruit trees, firewood, maintenance of the paths and magical spaces (remove leaves and grass), creation of new paths and magical spaces (know use the brushcutter, shovel and barbecue), attend to the people who come to visit us (prepare the spaces to sleep, show them a little about the Ecovillage facilities and the basic things of the day), general maintenance (electricity, water, carpentry ), maintenance in communal spaces and facilities: order, cleanliness and beauty, firewood (knowing how to use the chainsaw and brushcutter).
The conditions would be the normal ones for the Ecovillage: only 3h30m of community activity per day and from Monday to Friday, the commitment to be there for 8 months, and includes space in bunk beds or a large tent with a mattress, for when time permits. ) to sleep and lunch at noon and dinner (does not include breakfast).
We remember 2 things:
1) That the Espiral Ecovillage is 100% vegan and in the Ecovillage we do not consume alcohol, tobacco and drugs, nor do we carry our mobile phones with us and that we only use the internet in the nearby town, which is a 21-minute walk away. Although in the nearby town we can consume everything except drugs (marijuana, etc).
2) That the Espiral Ecovillage is near Cabeceiras de Basto in the North of Portugal, in a space of great beauty, very large, with trees, water, rivers and crystal clear pools for bathing, many animals that inhabit this space (otters, ferrets , badgers, deer, eagle owls, all kinds of birds, etc., with a lot of energy and magic and all this within the same land as the Ecovillage, which is a mountainous area low above sea level (over 350m).
3) That the Espiral Ecovillage is not a business or a company but a non-profit entity, through which, among all people, we try to do our bit to make this a better world


4) If you are interested in this volunteering, send us to the ecovillage email your request to start it with the start and end dates that you can volunteer. Then the ecovillage responds by sending you the questionnaire of your volunteering (your formal volunteer proposal) and once we receive the completed questionnaire without leaving you anything, then we send you an email with the ecovillage’s confirmation that your volunteer proposal is accepted or not. .

For any questions or more information, send an email to the ecovillage:


These are visits with special conditions, for groups of 12 or more people.
Ask us for information at the ecovillage mail. (


They are external retreats from a yoga, meditation center, etc., that organize their retreat in the Espiral Ecovillage.
Ask us for information at the ecovillage mail.


DOMESTIC ANIMALS (OUR FAMILY) Keep in mind that the visits or integrations to the ecovillage of our friends the dogs and cats, IS COMPLETE. Therefore, you cannot visit us or start the integration process if any member of the family is a dog or cat. In the lands of the Spiral Ecovillage there is a lot of natural animal life: ferrets, badgers, deer, eagle owls, otters in the ecovillage river, all kinds of lizards, lizards and frogs and toads, all kinds of birds, and lots of life. magical etc Maintaining the ecological balance is a challenge, knowing that any animal that we introduce on this earth (including humans) disturbs that balance. That is why we have limited the presence of domesticated animals. We are aware that in many cases this implies the limitation of humans, since dogs and cats often accompany us as part of our family. Of course in these cases, we trust that people will continue to care for these wonderful family members as usual. Perhaps there are lands from other projects and ecovillages, where life in the natural state is very little or almost nil, since it is already very worn out and the life of humans and other incorporated animals does not affect that space as much since the ecological balance is already broke up a long time ago, maybe those are good places to share our life together with our dog and cat friends. And perhaps, with care, love, respect and life in maximum harmony with the environment, we can achieve, over time, that life returns to nature. Well, there we are, we are the problem, but we can also approach life with another vision and be part of the solution. We are optimistic, but we think that, although no one is perfect, now is the time to take action, putting the accent on our practice.🙂💚

ATTENTION: Remember, the arrival at the ecovillage of the visits of Water and Light, is always from 3:30 p.m. (at 7:30 p.m. is dinner) and from Monday to Friday, if you arrive later from 7 pm, no problem, we can meet from 8:30 pm. It may be that you arrive at Cabeceiras de Basto or the small town near the ecovillage. If you arrive by bus, you arrive at Cabeceiras de Basto, then you will take a taxi to the town near the ecovillage, in your visit confirmation we will give you the contact of the taxi that will charge you 10 euros. In either case, we will always specify the time that we pick you up with the 4X4 from the ecovillage, in the town near the ecovillage and we will take you by 4×4 to the ecovillage. Due to the poor state of the road and by decision of the assembly, we only reached the ecovillage with a 4×4
REMEMBER: On every day that you visit us, in the ecovillage, we do not consume alcohol, tobacco, drugs (marijuana, etc.), television, wifi, internet, G5, meat, fish, OR MILK OR MILK DERIVATIVES, OR EGGS, or derivatives of these products, or drinks other than water, vegetable milk and infusions or tea. WE DO NOT TAKE ALL THIS OR CONSUME it in the ECOVILLAGE EVERY DAY THAT THE VISIT LASTS, but we can consume, outside the ecovillage (in the nearby town, which is a 21-minute walk away, or beyond) everything, except drugs (marijuana, etc.). Breakfast in the ecovillage is free, so you bring for breakfast whatever you want for breakfast (all vegan and BIO, and only drinks that are: water (in the ecovillage we have wonderful and free water), vegetable milk, natural juice or infusions or tea. The community meals, within the ecovillage are all 100% vegan and organic (vegetables and fruit depend on the garden) (BIO). The two community meals, which is lunch and dinner are also 100% Vegans and we only drink water, or infusions or tea, also following the food compatibility chart.
Lunch and dinner is shared and is included in your visit. But you are free to add to the table any other food or complement for yourself or to share, that you have paid for, it is not necessary to follow the compatibility of the food, BUT IT IS VEGAN AND BIO. The people who visit us do not enter the ecovillage anything that is not vegan and BIO
In the ecovillage store you can buy many products, all vegan and organic, for your breakfast and snack.
MOBILE. We have in the ecovillage, a site to charge mobiles and ONE site so you can connect your mobile and call with your mobile whenever you want (wiffi only in the town). Mobile phones or other electronic devices do not go through the ecovillage, they are always in the intimate space (where you sleep). Therefore, to see at night, bring a flashlight and if you want to take photos or video, bring a camera. In the ecovillage we do not use wifi or internet, you can do this in the nearby town. During the time that your visit lasts, live and experience a different life!
Do not bring along for your visit: Live this experience leaving the city the habits of complaints and non-constructive criticism, insults and the use of words or expressions that may harm or annoy other people. Your inner being is powerful, BE RESPECTFUL WITH THE LIFE THAT SURROUNDS YOU…. IN THE LOVE RELATIONSHIP… you don’t need any of that. For this reason, also try to get to the Ecovillage, detaching yourself as much as possible from the ego, the need for recognition and attention, individualism and competition……
We do not ask for anything about medical issues. Medical or civil liability insurance is the responsibility of each person.


Tell us which system you choose to sleep: At this moment there are 7 possibilities:

1) In tents that you bring with you: it is free.
2) In a tent that the ecovillage puts up, with a mattress: The tent is large, with capacity for 3 people and there is space to leave suitcases or backpacks and there is also a space before the sleeping space to leave more things. The store is an intimate space, just for you and the people who come with you.
If the visit is from 12 to 28 nights, the donation for one person is 4 euros per night, each additional person is 2 euros per night.
If you stay more than 28 nights, from night 29 to night 60, the donation for the first person is 3 euros per night, each additional person is 1.5 euros per night.
If you stay more than 60 nights, from night 61, inclusive, the donation is 2 euros per night, each additional person is 1 euro per night.

3) IN LOS CASTAÑOS: In bunk beds in a space shared by 6 people, in one of the stone houses, with a shared community bathroom:

If the visit is from 12 to 28 nights, the donation for one person is 5 euros per night.
If you stay more than 28 nights, from night 29 to night 60, the donation is 4 euros per night.
If you stay more than 60 nights, from night 61, inclusive, the donation is 3 euros per night.

4) WOODEN HOUSES of 12 or 9 square meters. It is a single empty space, without a bath house. It has electricity and a stove. Therefore, it can accommodate a maximum of 5 people, although 1 to 3 is ideal. They are intimate spaces, which we make available. This space is not for sharing. That is to say that the people or families who choose this option will be, like the ecovillage store, alone in the house, whether they are one person or 4 or 5. The donation, if you choose this option is;

1. If the visit is from 12 to 28 NIGHTS, the donation per wooden house is 10 euros per night, each additional person is 8 euros per night.

2. If you stay more than 28 nights, from night 29 to night 60, the donation per wooden house is 8 euros per night, each additional person is 5 euros per night.

3. If you stay more than 60 nights, from night 61, the donation per wooden house is 6 euros per night, each additional person is 4 euros per night.

5) CASA DE LAS ESTRELLAS: Large new house, made of wood, with two collective spaces for 4 people each, without a bathroom or shower (it will be built, but it is not there now) and with beautiful views of the valley of the ecovillage. The donation from the house of stars is from: THIS OPTION IS ONLY WHEN ALL OTHER SLEEPING SPACES ARE FULL.

1. If the visit is 12, the donation per berth is 7 euros per night.

2. If you stay more than 12 nights, from night 13 to night 20, the donation per bunk is 6 euros per night.

3. If you stay more than 20 nights, from the 21st night, the donation per bunk is 5 euros per night.

6) LAS ABEJAS: LITTLE WOODEN HOUSE of 5 square meters. . It is a single SMALL space with a MATTRESS ON THE FLOOR FOR ONE OR TWO PEOPLE MAXIMUM. The donation, if you choose this option, is:

If the visit is from 12 to 28 nights, the donation for one person is 4 euros per night, each additional person is 2 euros per night.
If you stay more than 28 nights, from night 29 to night 60, the donation for the first person is 3 euros per night, each additional person is 1.5 euros per night.
If you stay more than 60 nights, from night 61, inclusive, the donation is 2 euros per night, each additional person is 1 euro per night.

In this 2023, all the people of the ecovillage, visits and integrations (excluding the Visit of Light) do community activities of elves, at 3:30 p.m.


Keep the paths and magical spaces clean.
Maintenance of electricity, plumbing, construction, etc.
Vegetable garden
fruit trees
Collection of people who arrive for a visit and take them at the end of their visit.
Handle store sales.
The walks inside the ecovillage.
The walks outside the ecovillage.
To collect donations from visits.
To prepare the spaces to sleep the visitors.
To coordinate the assembly of the day.
To coordinate the activities of the heart.
To coordinate external retreats.
Going to do the weekly community shopping.
To coordinate cooking issues: who cooks, cooking issues.
Coordinate the cleaning of the chestnut bath house.
From the circle of thanks to the new day.
Coordinate community activity.
From the firewood
From the library.
Kitchen order and cleanliness, era, stairs, Gaia, store, space

of meditation, tent space, stars and around.

Of gardening.
From the workshop.
of the bread
From creams for cleaning and body care.
Of construction.
Of compost.
Garbage recycling.
From the cooler, (community pantry and individual boxes).
To receive the new people who arrive and give them the first walk explaining the nearby things.
From the washing machine.
From the circle of thanks.
From the welcoming circle.
Fine paint and varnish.
Thick paint and varnish.
Of the circle of the day


Let’s remember that in the Espiral Ecovillage, all the food we consume is vegan and we DO NOT consume TV, tobacco, alcohol, drugs or Wi-Fi, but we can consume, if we wish, everything except drugs, in the nearby town that is 21 minutes WALKING of the ecovillage IN THE ECOVILLAGE THERE IS A SPACE TO CALL FREELY WITH THE MOBILE.


IMPORTANT: The time in Portugal is always one hour earlier than in Spain (if in Spain it is 12 in Portugal it is 11)

There is space for camping, covered dining space, with table and chairs, with kitchen, dishes and cutlery for cooking, etc. Also a solar cooker. In the ecovillage there is a space for the sale of perishable organic food products (spelled bread, jams, biscuits, different types of vegetable pates, different types of vegetable milk, spreadable carob chocolate cream, tahini, oat flakes , different types of breakfast cereals, biscuits, first cold-pressed organic oil, tamari, oat flakes, etc.

Think that buying in the ecovillage store, we buy organic, benefiting the planet and that the benefit is left in the ecovillage.), also body care products, books, clothing, backpacks, ecological water bottles, etc in case someone needs it . The benefits of the same are destined to the development of the project.

For hygiene, remember to bring cleaning and body care products, VEGAN AND ECOLOGICAL toothpaste, (if it is not easy for you to find them, we have them in the ecovillage store).

Also bring everything you need to sleep, FLASHLIGHT, in summer it hardly ever rains. Bring sheets and a cushion, or tell us before you arrive that you want to rent them for a total of 2 euros per person for your entire visit. Bring a waterproof sheet or diapers for the night in those cases of boys or girls who need it. It is important to bring cloth napkins for everyone and a kitchen towel so as not to make unnecessary use of paper.

IMPORTANT: Look at the financial and material donations page, in case you have any material you don’t need and you want to donate it to the ecovillage. We need many things, we need perennial flower plants and flower bulbs, economic donations for fruit trees (especially walnut and almond trees). Spices (of organic origin), cloths, scourers, vinegar, bicarbonate (we use them to clean), recycled oil to make soap and lizard soap, brushes, screws, nails… etc. , blankets, individual and couple mattresses that are not metal structure. Games that are cooperative, books with good content, etc.


1) By bus from Porto, from the airport, from Braga and connect with the buses to Guiñarais and connect directly to Cabeceiras de Basto.

2) By car or BlaBlaCar or (important) put an ad in the Facebook group of the ecovillage to share a car with someone who also comes to visit us and thus share travel and expenses. Put your ad asking someone to come by car or if you have a car for people who do not have a car. The Facebook Group to advertise car sharing is called: AUTOSTOP AND BOLEIA TO: ECOALDEA ECOALDEIA ECOVILLAGE VEGETARIAN SPIRAL Link:

3) By plane to Porto and from the airport there are buses to Guiñarais and from Guiñarais to Cabeceiras de Basto, the flights are super cheap. For example, Barcelona Porto, usually costs 40 euros round trip.

4) By rented car. We put this option after people have come at very cheap prices

5) With the taxi driver from Cabeceiras de Basto (Fernando) from the airport to Cabeceiras de Basto, he usually charges about 90 euros and from Guimarães about 40.

By plane you have to go to Porto (the flights are super cheap: from 35 to 50 euros round trip, depending on the season from, for example, Barcelona or Madrid, and take the ticket with clear weather. From the same airport in Porto there is a bus direction Guiñarais (name of the bus company: GETBUS Web: ), when you exit the airport door, turn right, following the sidewalk to the end and you will find the stop from GET.BUS, which are the buses that take you to Guimarães. And from the same Guiñarais bus station, buses leave for Cabeceiras de Basto with the company Mondinense (TRANSDEV) (to know the schedules, copy and paste into Google : ).

Once in Cabeceiras de Basto, with the telephone number that the ecovillage has given you in the confirmation of your visit, call a taxi that will bring you to the village near the ecovillage, where we will be waiting for you with the 4X4 to take you to the Ecovillage (which is 1 km from the village). The taxi will charge you 10 euros.

**************************************************** **************************************************** ************************


En la Ecoaldea Espiral , podemos pasear por el Camino de los Elfos, Es un caminito pequeño muy bonito y mágico, que bordea el río y que une el Camino de los Nomos con la Poza de la Vida. En el Camino de los Elfos, después de cruzar el Riachuelo de la Luz, nos encontramos con el Portal del Futuro. Es un portal que estando en otra frecuencia más elevada, nos lleva a otra dimensión. Antes de cruzar el Portal, podemos pedir un deseo, eso si, con el compromiso de que ese deseo no afectará en nada nada negativo a la naturaleza. Eso es especialmente importante, por que después de pasar el portal y siempre que no hayas viajado a otra dimensión, entonces continuas por el camino de los Elfos y bordeando el río, el camino se hace muy estrecho y especialmente bonito y muy muy mágico, con mucha mucha vida, más allá de la que normalmente nuestros ojos pueden ver. Para visitarnos, manda correo a la Ecoaldea:



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